Legal & Tax

Legal & Tax

Meeting regulatory, legal and entity tax compliance obligations is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Ensuring compliance is a priority for all companies, but it can put a strain on your resources. Our teams can manage all your compliance milestones allowing your team to focus on their core duties.

Legal & tax  services portfolio includes:

Legal compliance

Our experts provide you with advice and guidance on regulatory compliance on all legal matters. It is our task to help you being fully complying with local and international rules as well.

Tax compliance

Several companies confronted recently significant penalties amount following tax audit findings. Our team supports protecting your business growth and allowing you to face the increasingly complex tax rules.

Transfer pricing

Thanks to our databases and tools, we offer a diagnostic risk assessment to highlight areas for savings and exposure. We then work closely with you to meet your documentation obligations and optimize your tax positions.

Global mobility tax services

We Assist our clients to remain fully compliant with tax, social security, payroll, and other local requirements. Our duty is to ensure that both employer and employee remain compliant before, during and after the expatriation/commute period.

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